With all humbleness and gratefulness, we express our gratitude to our beloved Murlidhar Shivbaba, by whose lotus hands, the original book form of this Murli Shabdavali was inaugurated around 20 years ago.

Our heartfelt thanks to Respected Ramesh Bhaiji, Chairperson, SpARC wing of Brahma Kumaris for his consent and constant encouragement towards our creative projects.

Our deep thanks to Respected BK Pritam Didi, BK Kuldeep Didi, and BK Ambika Didi for extending their hand of co-operation, constant support, and guidance during the entire development process.

BK Ambika Didi
(Chairperson, SpARC Wing)
BK Raju Bhaiji
(Murli Department, Madhuban)

Our special thanks to Raju Bhaiji, Madhuban, Murli Department and his team for giving complete co-operation and correction in this compilation.

Our immense thanks to all surrendered teachers and BK team of Hyderabad who helped us in sorting out the words and in the final compilation.

And finally, this work could not be completed without the support of our strong and efficient technical team. Our utmost thanks to the entire technical team from all over India, who helped in transforming the Murli Shabdavali into a wonderful digital tool.

BK Sumalatha, Co-ordinator, SpARC Wing and
Muril Shabdavali Team
Shanti Sarovar,

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