Bapdada explains the supreme and subtle knowledge using entertaining stories, popular sayings and interesting phrases. As Godly students, it is our sacred responsibility to fully understand each word of Godly knowledge along with its exact spiritual significance. Language should not be a barrier for a BK in understanding Godly knowledge.

Murli Shabdavali is a collection of Hindi, Sindhi, Farsi, Urdu, Arabic and Sanskrit terms frequently mentioned by Bapdada in murlis along with their meanings to help the BK students gain better insights and understanding of the murli. The collection also includes all English words and phrases; specific proverbs and sayings mentioned by Bapdada in the Sakar and Avyakt murlis. This Shabdavali will provide the meaning of a particular word or phrase in Hindi, English and Telugu languages. In future, other local languages will also be added. This Murli Shabdavali acts as a reference tool to guide all BKs in their alokik student life and help them gain a better understanding of the Gyan Murli.

This Shabdavali intends to help BK students in their study of the murlis and one may find that some of the described meanings differ from the standard lokik dictionaries to ensure that they convey the exact meaning Bapdada portrays in the murlis. The listed meanings and descriptions are reviewed by senior BKs and maharathis.

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